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Merry Christmas!

merry xmas
Merry Christmas Fourth Class! Have super day filled with lots of fun and goodwill!

A visit to the zoo!



Last week, we visited the zoo as part of the dissolving boundaries initiative. We enjoyed meeting the children from Elmgrove primary school.  We learned lots of interesting facts about the various different animals around the zoo from the very knowledgeable zookeepers! We also had fun in the playground! A detailed account of our visit is coming soon in the class news page!


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Lungs model


We have been learning about the important function of the lungs in our body.  We constructed a model of the lungs using a plastic bottle as the rib cage, a straw as the trachea and bronchus, a balloon as the lung and stretched plastic/ balloon as the diaphragm.  When the diaphragm is pulled down, the balloon inflates like a lung inhaling air.


P1060795 P1060796 P1060797 P1060798 P1060799 P1060800 P1060801 P1060802 P1060804 P1060805




Today we celebrated the beginning of Advent.  The children designed a decoration for the tree. Each child wrote an act of kindness on their decoration to carry out each day of Advent.  We hope to show kindness and spread joy to all during this special time (especially to our secret ‘Advent Friend’).