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Happy Halloween!





Dice Fun!



On Friday,  we played a fun multiplication game with dice. 

    1. Each player threw their dice and recorded the number displayed. 
    2.  Then we threw the dice again and multiplied the new number by the previous number recorded.
    3. We continued to throw the dice, multiplying the number displayed by the previous answer.
    4. We threw the dice five times for each round. We played the best of five rounds.
    5. Example:

Throw 1:  5

Throw 2:  2                                 Score:      10

Throw 3:    4                                Score:      40

Throw 4:  6                                  Score:     240

Throw 5:     2                             Final Score:     480



Stories from the past!


While researching our family history projects, Cian had a very interesting story to tell about his great-grandfather who was in Croke Park during Bloody Sunday.  He brought in a cap worn by his great-grandfather on that day.  The cap had a hole in it, formed by bullet fired on Bloody Sunday.


Multiplication Cards Battle!


Today we played a multiplication card game.  The deck of cards is split between three players.  Then each player turns over the top four cards in the pack.  Three of the cards are made into a 3-digit number.  This number is multiplied by the fourth card.  The player with the highest answer wins all 12 upturned cards! The player who collects the most cards wins the game.  We had good fun while practising multiplying by bigger numbers!