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Peppermint Creams!





On Friday, we enjoyed making peppermint cream sweets as a gift to take home! Here is the recipe we used:

1.  Add 450g of icing sugar with 4 tablespoons of condensed milk.  Mix until you have a smooth paste.

2.  Add 1 teaspoon of peppermint essence to the paste and mix.

3.  Add 1 teaspoon of green food colouring ( or split in half leaving one half white)

4.  Knead and roll out.  Make into little balls or cut into shape desired.

5. Put in fridge to harden.







Dotty Six!


Last week we played a fun ‘thinking’ game called ‘Dotty Six.’  We had fun as well as developing our thinking skills.  The following lists the rules of the game.

You need a partner, a 1 -6 dice and a grid like this;


Take turns to throw the dice and draw that number of dots in one of the boxes on the grid.

Put all of your dots in one of the boxes. You can’t split them up and you can’t have more than six dots in a box.

When a box is full, you could put a tick in the corner like this:

dotty six
Keep going until there are three ticks in a row or column or diagonal. The winner is the person who puts the last tick.

P1090019 P1090020  P1090022 P1090023 P1090024 P1090025 P1090026 P1090027 P1090028 P1090029



On December 6th, we celebrated ‘Sinterklaas’ day with Perrine.   Sinterklaas is Flemish for St. Nicholas’ day.  She baked cookies for everyone and explained the tradition of ‘Sinterklaus’ in Belgium.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cookies and the story-thank you Perrine!

P1090032 P1090033 P1090034

Fun with Forces!


In science, we have been learning about forces.  Last week we investigated air resistance and its effect on different sized parachutes. 

teddy parachute

Each group made three parachutes with string, playdoh and a black plastic bag.  Each parachute was a different size (15cm X 15cm, 30cmX 30cm and 50cm X 50cm).  To ensure it was a fair test, the string and playdoh were the same size for each parachute. We only changed the size of the parachute canopy.  We then put them to the test! Each group released their parachutes! We discovered that the larger canopy had the greatest air resistance and was the last to land.  The smallest had the least air resistance and as a result travelled faster and was the first to land!


P1080965 P1080966 P1080967 P1080971 P1080972 P1080973 P1080974 P1080975 P1080976 P1080979 P1080980 P1080981 P1080982



Green Flag Launch!


Today, our school launched the green flag for transport.  To achieve the transport flag, the school community is encouraged to help the environment by travelling to school in less cars and more walking, cycling, scooting, bus and car-pooling.  The day started with ‘Park & Stride.’  All staff, parents and students gathered in the church car park and walked to school.   It is hoped this will mark the start of ‘greener’ methods of travelling to school for the purpose of the environment and also to increase physical activity levels.  In line with keeping active, each child participated in a fitness bootcamp! This was great fun as well as healthy!  Well done to all!

P1080991 P1080997 P1080998 P1080999 P1090002 P1090005 P1090006 P1090007