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Ag Siopadóireacht


Inné, rinneamar rólimirt sa siopa! Bhí an-spoirt againn!








Circuit Training!


As part of our fitness programme, we are doing circuit training.  This consists of a circuit of activities to help exercise different parts of our body.  We spend three minutes at each station.  Here are pictures of the different stations.

Wall Sit/ Squat



Tricep Dips


Shuttle Runs



Core Work- planks and crunches

P1090267   P1090272



Mountain climbing and Burpees

P1090274   P1090277

The Nicest Station- REST!!


Lungs Model!



In science we are learning about the human body.  This week we are focusing on the lungs.  We constructed a model of the lungs using a plastic bottle (the ribcage), a straw (the trachea), a balloon (the lung) and a stretched balloon (the diaphragm). 

P1090259When the stretched balloon (diaphragm) at the base of the bottle is pulled down, air rushes in and fills the balloon (lung).  This demonstrates how we inhale air.  When the stretched balloon returns to its position, the air rushes out, demonstrating exhalation! 


Catalogue Shopping!


In maths we have been learning about money.  To finish the topic, we were given a shopping task using Argos catalogues.  We were given €100 to spend on gifts for the Simpson family.  The challenge was to spend as close to €100 as possible! One group succeeded in spending exactly €100 and all others came very close! Well done fourth class!

P1090195 P1090196 P1090197 P1090198 P1090199




Today we begin our 6 week fitness plan! We will be required to exercise each day and to record the type, intensity and duration on our physical activity diary! In school we will try to exercise more! Activities will include sports dancing, circuit training, jogging, class  dance/aerobics and yoga!

activity diary




Today fourth class begin kidblog! Kidblog allows the children the opportunity to blog from home as well as in school.  Children are given tasks to complete and have their own personal page to blog from. This week the children will be required to post on ‘Native Americans.’ See the ‘kidblog’ page above for details on accessing your page!

Tropical Birds!


In art, we drew tropical birds and then decorated them with pastels! We drew toucans, parrots, macaws, peacocks and flamingos.  We constructed tree using crepe paper and added the birds to the branches. The result is beautiful! Well done fourth class!


P1090168 P1090169 P1090170





This term, we will be working hard to get fit! Today, we tested our fitness using the bleep test.  Next we will participate in a fitness programme in school and at home.  After six weeks, we hope to see an improvement when we test our fitness levels again!

The Bleep Test

The bleep test is a multi-stage fitness test.  It is also known as a shuttle run test.

  1. A 15m track is marked (20m for adults)
  2. Start the Bleep test software.
  3. At each bleep, you run from one end of the track to the other.
  4. If you are too fast you will have to wait at the line until the bleep.
  5. An increase in speed is indicated with a double-bleep.
  6. When you can no longer follow the pace (misses the bleep two consecutive times) stop the test and record level.