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Magnificent Myths!


As part of writer’s workshop, we wrote our own myths! We had a lot of steps to reach to publish our own books! First we read a variety of mythical stories from Greece.  We studied the features and gathered useful vocabulary in our wordbanks.  We then created our own fantastical creatures to battle with our brave hero!  We wrote our first draft and peer edited these.  Finally, we published our stories in our own book. As well as writing our story, we needed to design our cover, write a contents page, illustrate it and write a blurb.  When we finished this, we read our stories with first class during shared reading.  First class thoroughly enjoyed our magnificent myths! Well done fourth class!



Conductors & Insulators!


In science, we are learning about electricity.  This week we conducted an experiment investigating which material will conduct electricity and which will not (insulate).  We charged a balloon and held it beside a variety of materials (metal paperclip, wooden skewer, plastic straw, pencil, nail, spoon and a ruler).  We hung tissue at the far end of each material.  We tested the materials to see which allowed the electricity to travel from the balloon to move the tissue.  We discovered that the materials made from metal conducted electricity best.

Charging the Balloons


Setting up


Wooden Skewer


Metal Spoon and paperclip- watch the tissue move!


Plastic Straw- no movement!


Static Fun!



Lemonade for the Irish Cancer Society!


Ciara and Perrine (and their mums) have been working hard to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.  They sold fresh homemade lemonade to pupils around the school for €2 a glass.  It was a great success and over €700 was raised for such a worthy cause. Fourth class are very proud of the girls- well done!


ad lemonda lem1 lem2 lem5 lem6