Monthly Archives: September 2015

Optical Art


This week in art we have been looking at optical illusions and we created our own illusion of falling down a hole. Everyone did a great job and here are the results:

P1100284 P1100285 P1100286 P1100287 P1100288 P1100289 P1100290 P1100291 P1100292 P1100293 P1100294


Group Work!


To begin our new year, we have been working on cooperating with each other in groups.  These are the steps we are using:


To ensure full participation, each child in the group is assigned a role- leader, reporter, equipment manager, timekeeper and scribe.


We put the steps into practice with the Marshmallow Challenge!  The children were required to work in their groups cooperatively to build a freestanding tower with 20 pieces of spaghetti, a yard of string and tape with a marshmallow on top!

P1100249 P1100254 P1100260 P1100261 P1100262 P1100266 P1100269 P1100270 P1100271 P1100272