Monthly Archives: October 2015

Kandinsky’s Fantasy Forest!


Inspired by Kandinsky’s work, the children created concentric circles and decorated them with pastels.  We then stuck them on to a moonlit tree resulting in a beautiful ‘Fantasy Forest’ effect.



Balloon Blow Up!


In science we have been learning about oxygen and carbon dioxide.  We made carbon dioxide by mixing baking powder with vinegar in a plastic bottle.  We covered the seal of the bottle with a balloon.  When the baking powder reacted with the vinegar, it released carbon dioxide. The gas filled the balloon and caused it to blow up!

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Cooperative Games


For the month of September we have been working on our teamwork skills in PE through playing a series of cooperative games.  We worked in pairs using the skis which required a lot of patience and cooperation.  We played some group games such as the chain relay, ordering ourselves on a bench without speaking, passing a hoop around the circle without breaking our arm link and we had to try to touch a variety of different sized balls without touching each other! All games required a lot of patience and cooperation with fellow team members.

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