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Read All About It!


For the past month we have been learning about writing newspaper articles.  We researched a big event in history and wrote a report on the happenings on that day.  We then presented our report to the class.  We learnt about lots of different historical events as well as all the features of a newspaper. 


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Book Blitz Award Ceremony!


The book blitz challenge came to an end on Friday.  All children put in a trojan effort, reading a large variety of books with great joy and enthusiasm throughout the six weeks.  They grabbed every opportunity presented during the day to pick up their book and read, which was great to see! The children were presented with their certificates and prizes- well done fourth class!

Bronze Readers


Silver Readers


Gold Readers


Platinum Readers


Magnificent Myths!


As part of writer’s workshop, we wrote our own myths! We had a lot of steps to reach to publish our own books! First we read a variety of mythical stories from Greece.  We studied the features and gathered useful vocabulary in our wordbanks.  We then created our own fantastical creatures to battle with our brave hero!  We wrote our first draft and peer edited these.  Finally, we published our stories in our own book. As well as writing our story, we needed to design our cover, write a contents page, illustrate it and write a blurb.  When we finished this, we read our stories with first class during shared reading.  First class thoroughly enjoyed our magnificent myths! Well done fourth class!


Book Blitz Award Ceremony!



With the arrival of the Easter holidays, our Book Blitz Challenge came to an end.  We marked the ending with a presentation to reward the super achievement of all our avid readers!

Children reading up to 20 books received a platinum award, reading up to 15 books received a gold award, reading up to 10 books received a silver award and reading up to 5 books received a bronze award.  Well done fourth class!

Platinum winners: Emma, Abby and Padraig


Gold winners: Ruth, Katie, Naomi, Seán and Josh


Silver winners: Tara, Keisha, Robyn, Steven, Mikotaj, Jessica and Emma


Bronze winners: Ella, Sophie, Gwen, Tom, Ciara, Cian, Ben, Darragh and James.


Bronze winners: Paige, Mark, Conall, Evan, Jack, Ella and Sophie


Final Group Book Blitz Chain!