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24 Hour Clock!


In maths we are learning about reading and writing the time in 24 hour clock. We made clocks using a paper plate and card to help us understand 24 hour clock.  The following website was also useful for practising:




cl2 cl3  cl5 cl6 cl7 cl8



General Election 2016!


Today we enjoyed participating in a mock election in fifth class.  Children selected their first, second and third preferences on their ballot sheet.  The sheets were punched and stamped and placed in the ballot box.  Then we counted the votes adopting the use of proportional representation.  It was a great way to understand the election process. We look forward to comparing our mock results to the real general election results!

el1 el2 el3 el4

Capacity fun in the sun!


In maths, we are learning about capacity.  With the glorious sun in the sky, we took our lesson outside to the school garden.  We learnt how to read scales in the classroom and used this skill to measure the capacity of a variety of containers using measuring jugs.   The following link is a good website to practise reading scales:

1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Catalogue Shopping!


In maths we have been learning about money.  To finish the topic, we were given a shopping task using Argos catalogues.  We were given €100 to spend on gifts for the Simpson family.  The challenge was to spend as close to €100 as possible! One group succeeded in spending exactly €100 and all others came very close! Well done fourth class!

P1090195 P1090196 P1090197 P1090198 P1090199

Dotty Six!


Last week we played a fun ‘thinking’ game called ‘Dotty Six.’  We had fun as well as developing our thinking skills.  The following lists the rules of the game.

You need a partner, a 1 -6 dice and a grid like this;


Take turns to throw the dice and draw that number of dots in one of the boxes on the grid.

Put all of your dots in one of the boxes. You can’t split them up and you can’t have more than six dots in a box.

When a box is full, you could put a tick in the corner like this:

dotty six
Keep going until there are three ticks in a row or column or diagonal. The winner is the person who puts the last tick.

P1090019 P1090020  P1090022 P1090023 P1090024 P1090025 P1090026 P1090027 P1090028 P1090029

Dice Fun!



On Friday,  we played a fun multiplication game with dice. 

    1. Each player threw their dice and recorded the number displayed. 
    2.  Then we threw the dice again and multiplied the new number by the previous number recorded.
    3. We continued to throw the dice, multiplying the number displayed by the previous answer.
    4. We threw the dice five times for each round. We played the best of five rounds.
    5. Example:

Throw 1:  5

Throw 2:  2                                 Score:      10

Throw 3:    4                                Score:      40

Throw 4:  6                                  Score:     240

Throw 5:     2                             Final Score:     480



Multiplication Cards Battle!


Today we played a multiplication card game.  The deck of cards is split between three players.  Then each player turns over the top four cards in the pack.  Three of the cards are made into a 3-digit number.  This number is multiplied by the fourth card.  The player with the highest answer wins all 12 upturned cards! The player who collects the most cards wins the game.  We had good fun while practising multiplying by bigger numbers!


Lines and Angles Hunt!


To consolidate our work on lines and angles, we took to the school grounds in search of a different lines (parallel, perpendicular and intersecting) and angles (right, acute and obtuse).  Using our geostrips, we discovered lots of lines and angles in our school environment.