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Fit For Fifth- classroom exercises!


Each week we are working hard to get fitter and fitter! This week we used our classroom space to carry out a wide variety of high intensity exercises.  We followed Moe Jones ‘Kids Workout’ video on youtube for our session.  Here is a link to his videos:

fit1 fit2 fit3 fit4 fit5 fit6

Fit for Fifth!


For the new year, we are working very hard to keep fit! We did the bleep test last week to measure our fitness levels.  We plan to train for six weeks and then retest our fitness levels.  As part of our training, we have been jogging twice a day and dancing with Jenny as well as in the classroom.  We will also be doing circuit training in the coming weeks- let the fun begin!

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Cycling Safety


Fifth class are participating in a six week cycling safety training course run by the Cycling Safety and Skills School.  The children are learning about the rules of the road, starting and stopping, road positioning, shoulder checking, turning left and right, overtaking and awareness of their surroundings.  At the end of the course it is hoped that the children will cycle safely and make the journey to school by bicycle.

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Cooperative Games


For the month of September we have been working on our teamwork skills in PE through playing a series of cooperative games.  We worked in pairs using the skis which required a lot of patience and cooperation.  We played some group games such as the chain relay, ordering ourselves on a bench without speaking, passing a hoop around the circle without breaking our arm link and we had to try to touch a variety of different sized balls without touching each other! All games required a lot of patience and cooperation with fellow team members.

pe1 pe2 PE3 PE8 PE9 PE99 pee2 PEE3 PEE4 PEE5 PEE7

The Great Kill Run!


For the past couple of months, we have been training very hard to get fit.  Today we put our fitness to the test! We jogged all the way to Kill GAA and back again! The class put in an excellent effort and we did it!! Well done fourth class!



run2 run3 run4 run5 run7 run8 run9run11

Circuit Training!


As part of our fitness programme, we are doing circuit training.  This consists of a circuit of activities to help exercise different parts of our body.  We spend three minutes at each station.  Here are pictures of the different stations.

Wall Sit/ Squat



Tricep Dips


Shuttle Runs



Core Work- planks and crunches

P1090267   P1090272



Mountain climbing and Burpees

P1090274   P1090277

The Nicest Station- REST!!





Today we begin our 6 week fitness plan! We will be required to exercise each day and to record the type, intensity and duration on our physical activity diary! In school we will try to exercise more! Activities will include sports dancing, circuit training, jogging, class  dance/aerobics and yoga!

activity diary




This term, we will be working hard to get fit! Today, we tested our fitness using the bleep test.  Next we will participate in a fitness programme in school and at home.  After six weeks, we hope to see an improvement when we test our fitness levels again!

The Bleep Test

The bleep test is a multi-stage fitness test.  It is also known as a shuttle run test.

  1. A 15m track is marked (20m for adults)
  2. Start the Bleep test software.
  3. At each bleep, you run from one end of the track to the other.
  4. If you are too fast you will have to wait at the line until the bleep.
  5. An increase in speed is indicated with a double-bleep.
  6. When you can no longer follow the pace (misses the bleep two consecutive times) stop the test and record level.