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Balloon Blow Up!


In science we have been learning about oxygen and carbon dioxide.  We made carbon dioxide by mixing baking powder with vinegar in a plastic bottle.  We covered the seal of the bottle with a balloon.  When the baking powder reacted with the vinegar, it released carbon dioxide. The gas filled the balloon and caused it to blow up!

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Electricity Work!


In science we have been looking at how electricity works.  We learnt how to make a circuit to light up a bulb, create sound and movement and to add a switch to the circuit.  We applied what we learned to construct our own lighthouse. 


Conductors & Insulators!


In science, we are learning about electricity.  This week we conducted an experiment investigating which material will conduct electricity and which will not (insulate).  We charged a balloon and held it beside a variety of materials (metal paperclip, wooden skewer, plastic straw, pencil, nail, spoon and a ruler).  We hung tissue at the far end of each material.  We tested the materials to see which allowed the electricity to travel from the balloon to move the tissue.  We discovered that the materials made from metal conducted electricity best.

Charging the Balloons


Setting up


Wooden Skewer


Metal Spoon and paperclip- watch the tissue move!


Plastic Straw- no movement!


Static Fun!



The Solar Eclipse!



At 9.15 this morning we left our classrooms and took a lesson outdoors with hopes of viewing the Eclipse!  Wearing our special glasses, we searched the darkened sky for a glorious glimpse but much to our dismay it was not to be seen! However we did observe the skies darkening in our midst and become brighter again some time later.  We also witnessed the birds falling silent as the moon passed between the sun and the earth, which was followed by a cacophony of singing in the aftermath (Dawn Chorus).  It was a truly special morning despite the poor visibility! A big thanks to Perrine’s mum who managed to get special solar glasses for everyone! We look forward to using them again in future solar lessons!


Is it a solar eclipse?


Where is it I wonder?


Darkened skies and confused birds!



Lungs Model!



In science we are learning about the human body.  This week we are focusing on the lungs.  We constructed a model of the lungs using a plastic bottle (the ribcage), a straw (the trachea), a balloon (the lung) and a stretched balloon (the diaphragm). 

P1090259When the stretched balloon (diaphragm) at the base of the bottle is pulled down, air rushes in and fills the balloon (lung).  This demonstrates how we inhale air.  When the stretched balloon returns to its position, the air rushes out, demonstrating exhalation! 


Fun with Forces!


In science, we have been learning about forces.  Last week we investigated air resistance and its effect on different sized parachutes. 

teddy parachute

Each group made three parachutes with string, playdoh and a black plastic bag.  Each parachute was a different size (15cm X 15cm, 30cmX 30cm and 50cm X 50cm).  To ensure it was a fair test, the string and playdoh were the same size for each parachute. We only changed the size of the parachute canopy.  We then put them to the test! Each group released their parachutes! We discovered that the larger canopy had the greatest air resistance and was the last to land.  The smallest had the least air resistance and as a result travelled faster and was the first to land!


P1080965 P1080966 P1080967 P1080971 P1080972 P1080973 P1080974 P1080975 P1080976 P1080979 P1080980 P1080981 P1080982



Green Flag Launch!


Today, our school launched the green flag for transport.  To achieve the transport flag, the school community is encouraged to help the environment by travelling to school in less cars and more walking, cycling, scooting, bus and car-pooling.  The day started with ‘Park & Stride.’  All staff, parents and students gathered in the church car park and walked to school.   It is hoped this will mark the start of ‘greener’ methods of travelling to school for the purpose of the environment and also to increase physical activity levels.  In line with keeping active, each child participated in a fitness bootcamp! This was great fun as well as healthy!  Well done to all!

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