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Fit for Fifth- Dancing with Jenny!


Fifth class are attending dancing with Jenny every Monday.  They are getting fit while having great fun! Check out their latest moves!




Fit for Fifth!


For the new year, we are working very hard to keep fit! We did the bleep test last week to measure our fitness levels.  We plan to train for six weeks and then retest our fitness levels.  As part of our training, we have been jogging twice a day and dancing with Jenny as well as in the classroom.  We will also be doing circuit training in the coming weeks- let the fun begin!

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Cycling Safety


Fifth class are participating in a six week cycling safety training course run by the Cycling Safety and Skills School.  The children are learning about the rules of the road, starting and stopping, road positioning, shoulder checking, turning left and right, overtaking and awareness of their surroundings.  At the end of the course it is hoped that the children will cycle safely and make the journey to school by bicycle.

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Group Work!


To begin our new year, we have been working on cooperating with each other in groups.  These are the steps we are using:


To ensure full participation, each child in the group is assigned a role- leader, reporter, equipment manager, timekeeper and scribe.


We put the steps into practice with the Marshmallow Challenge!  The children were required to work in their groups cooperatively to build a freestanding tower with 20 pieces of spaghetti, a yard of string and tape with a marshmallow on top!

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Lemonade for the Irish Cancer Society!


Ciara and Perrine (and their mums) have been working hard to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.  They sold fresh homemade lemonade to pupils around the school for €2 a glass.  It was a great success and over €700 was raised for such a worthy cause. Fourth class are very proud of the girls- well done!


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Today we begin our 6 week fitness plan! We will be required to exercise each day and to record the type, intensity and duration on our physical activity diary! In school we will try to exercise more! Activities will include sports dancing, circuit training, jogging, class  dance/aerobics and yoga!

activity diary




This term, we will be working hard to get fit! Today, we tested our fitness using the bleep test.  Next we will participate in a fitness programme in school and at home.  After six weeks, we hope to see an improvement when we test our fitness levels again!

The Bleep Test

The bleep test is a multi-stage fitness test.  It is also known as a shuttle run test.

  1. A 15m track is marked (20m for adults)
  2. Start the Bleep test software.
  3. At each bleep, you run from one end of the track to the other.
  4. If you are too fast you will have to wait at the line until the bleep.
  5. An increase in speed is indicated with a double-bleep.
  6. When you can no longer follow the pace (misses the bleep two consecutive times) stop the test and record level.



Food Dudes!


food dudes

Food Dudes is well and truly under way in fourth class with great success so far! Food dudes is a programme which aims to encourage children to eat healthier. Each day the children are required to eat a portion of fruit and vegetables and receive a reward for doing so.  It is hoped that children will develop a taste for healthier food in their daily diet.  For more information and to try some fun games, go to

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Anti-Bullying Week



This week, in SPHE we tackled bullying.  We learned about the different types of bullying (physical, emotional and cyber) and looked at the difference between bullying and conflict (a disagreement).  We watched videos demonstrating the different types of bullying and listened to stories of people who have been bullied.  This helped us to become aware of how the victims of bullying feel.  We looked at the role of the ‘bystander’ and the power the ‘bystander holds in stopping bullying. 

In pairs, we came up with ways to stop bullying and in groups we created ‘freeze frames’  exploring cyber, physical and emotional bullying further.

Cyber Bullying


Physical Bullying


Emotional Bullying


Healthy Teeth


This week we have been learning about keeping our teeth healthy.  We practised brushing our teeth correctly for two minutes and we carried out an experiment looking at the effect of acid on our teeth.  We used hard boiled eggs to demonstrate the effect of acid on the shell of an egg which is similar to the effect it would have on our teeth.  We found out that vinegar, fruit juices and fizzy drinks have a bad effect on our teeth.