Reading in Fourth Class


Class Novels

Holes    giggler treatment  under the hawth  kensukes kingdom


Group Reading

TSI (Transactional Strategy Instruction)

TSI is a reading initiative we use in fourth class.  The children are differentiated according to ability and are divided into groups of three.

Within the group, each child has a role- leader, questioner and predictor which changes each day.

They are empowered to read novels independently, question each other, make predictions and inferences and complete vocabulary and comprehension tasks based on the text read.

TSI is excellent to empower children to become independent readers and learners and instils cooperation and team work.  The children have control in choosing their novel, how much they read, which task they will complete and as a result are motivated and empowered in their learning.

TSI Novels:

butterfly liondiary of a killer catthe worst witchMr stinkCool by michael




*Decide how much to read and who will read each part.

*Decide on question type (here/hidden/heart/head)

*Take inferences.



*Like a fortune teller You will predict what might happen next..

*The predictor will gather predictions before a new book and new chapter.



*You think of questions as we read! Use question words like

Who? What? Where? Why? When?

Other Roles:

                      Reader                                                   Summariser                              

                      Each child reads every day                           Squash story into 5 parts                              

reader                       Summariser

Image Maker                                                           Interesting Word Finder

  Illustrate main part of story                            Watch out for interesting new words!

              Image Maker                                        Interesting word


Guided Reading

 Guided reading sessions with the teacher are carried out while TSI groups are working independently.  Guided reading is tailored to each group according to their needs.  This term we have been practising reading with expression and intonation.  We have also been working on ‘word wizard ways’ which are ways to tackle new or unknown words.

word wizard

  • Slow down– don’t read too fast!
  • Do I know how to read the word or am I confused about its meaning?
  • Chunk-it-up! Sound it out!
  • Peel back the word- do I recognise any prefixes, suffixes or ‘mini words’?
  • Skip and read the rest of the sentence- then stop and think!
  • Backtrack– read the sentence before and look for clues!
  • What word makes sense here?