In SESE this week, we are learning about water. 

water drop

Water Conservation Tips

  • Using a plug ,put water in the sink  for cleaning paint and yogurt pots during the day .
  •   Use the small button on the toilet when possible. 
  • Check for dripping taps . 
  •   Check for leaks in toilets .
  • Put a litre  bottle  of water  in the toilet cistern.
  • don’t run the water when brushing teeth .
  • Have a shower not a bath.
  • Only use the washing machine when it’s full.
  • Only  use the dishwasher  when it is full.
  •  Use a basin or plug when washing fruit and vegetables .
  • Don’t  use hoses,
  • Keep a jug of water in the tap so it’s always cold and you don’t need to run it.

The Water Cycle

water cycle

We enjoyed creating a ‘water’ themed TV advert whereby we try to persuade aliens to visit an Earth with no water! It was a tricky job to convince aliens to visit us and it helped us understand how water forms such a large part of our lives.  In the place of water, we now have chocolate showers, we cool down in 7-up springs and use a finger tooth brush amongst other inventive ideas!P1070323P1070312P1070310