As part of homework, you are required to answer two thinking tasks- a brainteaser and an interesting research question.  You can submit your answer on the blog or in class on Friday!




2/6/14      An electrician and a plumber were waiting in line for admission to the cinema.  One of them was the father of the other’s son. How could this be possible?
26/5/14    There was a red bungalow. Everything in it was red – the walls, the carpets, the furniture. What colour were the stairs?

19/5/14   A man went outside in the pouring rain with no protection, but not a hair on his head got wet. How is this possible?

12/5/14 What has a head and a tail but no body?

5/5/14   What goes up and never comes down?

28/4/14  What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

Research task

2/6/14 What do the four suits of a deck of cards represent? How did they get their name?

26/5/14 Where did the name ‘piggy bank’ come from?

19/5/14 There are ten human body parts that are only 3 letters long. Name them.

12/5/14 As well as having unique finger prints, humans also have unique _____ prints.

5/5/14  Why does cutting onions make me cry? Can I stop it?

28/4/14 What has Easter got to do with chocolate eggs?






Week one     28/4/14:

Brainteaser: A towel gets wetter and wetter the more it dries

Research Task: Chocolate eggs resemble the body of Christ.

by James and Tara


Week 2      5/4/14 :

Brainteaser: your age goes up but never comes down .

: there is a gas in an onion which combines with tears to sting the eye. If you use a sharp knife it will get rid of the gas inside the onion.

by Tara and Steven


Week   12/5/14

Brainteaser: A coin has a head and tail but no body .

Research Task: Humans also have unique tongue print .

by Tara and Ella

Brainteaser:the man was bald

Research Task: leg , arm , jaw , rib , ear , eye , gum , lip , toe and bum.

By Tara and Padraig














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  1. hi this is Sophie.h here I just wanted to say my 2 thinking tasks 1.towel 2.well when it was shrove Tuesday they put eggs into pancakes .so on Easter Sunday they decorated eggs but the modern way is chocolate eggs

  2. Hi this is Sophie Holbrook here I just wanted to say my 2 thinking tasks 1.your age 2.They’re made up of tunic of outer leaves, scales and the basal plate. When you cut the basal plate or shoot, they release a gas. When that gas combines with, water it creates an acid. If the water is in your eye, you have an acid in your eye. If you use a sharp knife then the cells are broken or crushed.

  3. Hi this is Ella h I just wanted to say mt brain teaser no.1 a satellite no.2 onions make you cry because the stem coming out of them so if u stand back and cut them that will stop u from crying thank you for listening

  4. Hi its abby , brainteaser : age . Research : onions make you cry because it produces a gas that get to you eye and makes you cry to stop it chew gum or put a spoon in your mouth .

  5. onions have something called lachrymater it is released into the air and cause you to cry you can stop it by cooking the onions before cutting or cut with a very sharp knive

  6. Ms.fitzgerald my answer is a bungalow has no stairs.
    The answer is a piggy bank got its name in the Middle Ages when metal was expensive so the made clay pots that looked like pigs, when they had a spare coin they would put it in the clay pot.😄

  7. Hi it’s Emma here. The brian teaser is a bungalow has no stairs. The thinking task is that the name piggy bank came from the jars people stored their money in, they were made of a type of crockery called pig. They then became known as piggy banks.

  8. A bungalow has no stairs and the piggy bank got its name because years and years ago metal was very expensive and made clay pots if they had savings to put in they would put it in a clay pot

  9. Brainteaser : bungalow has no stairs
    Research : The name piggy bank comes from pygg it is a type of orange clay that is used to make pots and jars so the pygg turned into pig and then finally piggy.

  10. A bungalow doesn’t have stairs so that means there is no colour for them and no.2during the Middle Ages metal was expensive and seldom used for house hold wares.Instead dishes and pots where made of an economical orange coloured clay called pygg.Whenever folks could save an extra coin or two they would drop it in on top of their clay jars -pygg

  11. brainteaser . he was the stepdad reasherch task . in playing cards the suits mean the rank of each card if it has no suits its a joker

  12. Ms.fitzgerald I managed to get the answer for the brainteaser but I counldn’t get the answer for the reaserch task
    Brainteaser:The father is the husband of the electrician/plumber and they had a child(vise-versa)

    • Hi it’s Gwen the brain teaser is that the father is the husband of the of the electrician so then the plumber and the electrician had a child😄

  13. I didn’t find out the research task but the brainteaser is the plumber and the electrician are married and they have a child.

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