Dear Parent,


Welcome back to the new school year 2014/2015.  This letter outlines the expected homework for fourth class.  It is my intention that the homework is fairly predictable each week and will include occasional project work.  The following is an outline of the homework in each subject area:


Reading: I would like them to read every single day at home.  I can’t recommend this highly enough.  Reading is the key to learning.  It assists your child’s language development and their writing style. It also helps your child with their spellings.

As part of their reading homework, your child will be required to write a short entry in their booklog copy.  This will aid reading comprehension and ensures they are reading for meaning. Suggestions for entries will be stuck inside the cover of their booklog copy.

Spellings:  Children will complete one unit from Spellbound each week.

Writing: Generally written tasks will be a matter of completing unfinished work from classroom activities, dictionary work and handwriting practice.



Mental Maths Book


Sums in copy- based around maths concepts we are currently studying in the classroom.




Verbs- one verb each week.

Frásaí- incorporates verb of week.


Other (varies from week to week):

Research/ Project work

Poetry/song to learn

Geographical learning homework e.g. counties/ rivers



For fourth class, the recommended time allocated to homework is around 45minutes.  Children have different ways of working. Some have a longer attention span than others. Some are perfectionists and take great care in the presentation of their work.  From experience I know that I can set homework that I would expect to take forty five minutes, and that for some it would take twenty minutes and for others up to an hour.  If you feel your child has worked to the best of their ability and the homework is taking longer than it should, please mark how long it took, sign their diary and allow your child to stop.  Reading and learning tables are the priority.
Finally, it is my intention to set up a classroom blog.  This can be accessed from home through the school website and it will be useful in gaining an insight into your child’s learning in the classroom. There will be a homework area where resources will be posted as well as links to educational games. If you have any queries or concerns with regards to your child’s participation in the blog, please do not hesitate to call in to see me.


Yours sincerely,

Ms. Fitzgerald


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