Fourth class can now blog from home as well as in school using ‘kidblog.’ Children are given tasks to complete and have their own personal page to blog from

Here is the link to our kidblog site:

Guidelines for use:

1. Click on the link above

2. Click on your name on the sidebar

3. Enter your password and login.

4. Click ‘new post’ to write a post.

5. When your post is completed, click ‘publish.’

Happy blogging fourth class!




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  1. Native Americans
    Native Americans lived much longer before than us the euro planes came in and not only shot the buffalo and the native Americans leaders Whitch are sitting bull red cloud and crazy horse did not no what to so they started fighting back all the Europeans used of the buffallo was the skin the native Americans used everything .dreamcatchers were used so the native Americans would not have bad dreames .what would happen the native Americans will not live

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