Christmas Charity ‘Design A Door’ Event!


Last week, the children participated in a ‘Design a Door’ competition for charity. All proceeds went to the homeless.  The results across the school were amazing! Well done to all!

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Cycling Safety


Fifth class are participating in a six week cycling safety training course run by the Cycling Safety and Skills School.  The children are learning about the rules of the road, starting and stopping, road positioning, shoulder checking, turning left and right, overtaking and awareness of their surroundings.  At the end of the course it is hoped that the children will cycle safely and make the journey to school by bicycle.

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Remembrance Garden


This week we made a remembrance garden to remember and pray for all the people in our lives who have passed away.  We also prayed for all the victims of terrorism in Paris and around the world.  Each child designed a flower to add to the garden.


Read All About It!


For the past month we have been learning about writing newspaper articles.  We researched a big event in history and wrote a report on the happenings on that day.  We then presented our report to the class.  We learnt about lots of different historical events as well as all the features of a newspaper. 


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Balloon Blow Up!


In science we have been learning about oxygen and carbon dioxide.  We made carbon dioxide by mixing baking powder with vinegar in a plastic bottle.  We covered the seal of the bottle with a balloon.  When the baking powder reacted with the vinegar, it released carbon dioxide. The gas filled the balloon and caused it to blow up!

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